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Having the privilege to be born and raised in a village from southern Romania, earth, fields and people surrounded, showed and taught me about the simplest and yet most meaningful facets of life. Those have joined me throughout my whole journey and opened my senses towards nature, a wider world, tradition and culture - all together. They gave me the right impulses to stand as the person who I am today, unconditionally believing in the power of love, education, benevolence, respect and care.


Throughout my personal process of development, I have never stopped being an incurable dreamer. Life taught me that dreams do not come true by themselves, you may put wings on them and see where they take you. Finding your own passion and working on it with your emotion and inner feelings are the most important thing that you can do. I dream of all the beauty in the world and make it come to life in my own creative way. To mirror my thoughts about stories of this world through my creations is not only what I do, but this is also who I am.


Representing the sensibility of tradition and culture that humanity inherited, treasuring a nature that is so powerful, generous and inspiring, I place my intuition and energy into my artistic work to sustain a healthy environment, filled with equality, deep connection, support and understanding, encouraging people to trust and believe in themselves, to find their infinite capacities, kindness, inspiration, hope, wisdom and compassion, and consider them all in their own commitment for a better world.

Octaviana Vlad 

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