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With the title „Frozen“, the emotional effect of this collection can be well described. It signals the need to minimize the destructive impact of the fast fashion phenomenon while preserving nature, tradition, culture and identity.

The fashion industry is responsible for a significant level of pollution, high water use, disposal of hazardous chemicals, and in some countries still responsible for human rights violations and poor working conditions, while the current technologies are not yet able to reliably turn unusable garments into harmless fibres.

On the other hand, the increased number of collections pushes the designers to make quick and superficial decisions in the creative process. They barely have enough time to analyze future-oriented design risks. In the end, the quantity produced has far more weight for the market than the quality of the clothing or the entire production.

Consumers support this unhealthy process and usually buy with no background for a real purpose. It becomes almost impossible to identify oneself with a style, to really understand the trends, or to think about environmental protection on one's own responsibility, when the collections are changed so quickly.

For all these reasons, this project should be a search for individuality and new ways for environmental protection and sustainability.

The artistic side of the work points out to the treasures inherited by the world. An important part of the collection is to preserve these values and place them in the foreground of the work.

An imaginative realization of many relevant details of fashion art in the last three centuries, the use of various haute couture techniques, such as pleating, sewing by hand, building nets, embroidering with pearls, manipulating and shaping materials, constructing feathers from wool, painting with color accents, draping fabrics, artistically designing hats like Elsa Schiaparelli, modern, elegant and moving cuts that have revolutionized fashion history by Paul Poiret, Yves Saint Laurent and Gabrielle Chanel, working rationally with environmentally friendly materials, all together embody the essence of this project.

The initial source of inspiration comes from the ice crystals, where the repetitive and pointed structure, along with other similar and spectacular forms from nature, have been incorporated into the designs. The typical symmetry of the ice crystals and the bird's outline are another striking feature of the whole collection. Exactly the interweaving of these ideas is the exciting part of the work.

The organic design is already evident in the choice of materials: straight strips of fabric and pleats made of merino wool, fabrics of camel and alpaca hair, softly flowing organic cotton tulle, organic merino jersey and camel hair are elements that transform architecturally into haute couture models without losing their identity.

For a hat, the camel's hair is braided like a ponytail hairstyle, for another hat about 70000 Bohemian glass beads were threaded and feathers made of wool were built. For the shoulder parts of a dress, a fur effect was achieved by the camel hair, sewn in strips, combed and trimmed.

The pleated shapes are an allusion to the bird outlines. Pointed ice crystals are dotted with red to remind of reticular veins: fluent, feminine, organic. The red glass beads simply break the cold effect of the black fabrics.

The jumpsuit made of organic cotton tulle and organic merino jersey does not play the main role itself. Only in combination with other parts of the outfit is it complete. The reticulated fabric that follows the shape of the body, visually "blends" with the precise, angular construction of the models. The ankle boots made of camel hair, organic cotton tulle and pearls complete the collection pieces.

The clothes are not subordinate to a defined typology, but can be interpreted differently in each look: simply as a dress, as a coat or even as an accessory.

This haute couture collection is an expression of multi-dimensionality, which was developed according to general guidelines and therefore remains universal. Behind the strong artistic quality, it loudly speaks about the deeply rooted values of humanity. It was completely realized by the designer and includes dresses, jumpsuits, hats and ankle boots. The resulting unique art objects are largely detached from the fast fashion products and from the burdensome fashion industry.

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