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Generally, art only has meaning if the process comes from an inner compulsion. The wooden dress finds its roots in the designer’s belief as child, that all the fairy-tales, so beautifully told to her by her grandparents, could be possible also in this world. Many thoughts about their magical, phantasmagorical ingredients started to run into her mind and they have been the reason she tremendously searched for years after, both into her own environment and her opened-eyes dreams.


As many other children in the early age, she was safe not only beside all the very special people, who surrounded her, but also in nature, where her imaginary world felt home. Kind of pure friendship trustfully developed between her and every corner of it, no matter that was present in the garden, in the nearest wood or even far away, on the sky or until the horizon line.


The wooden dress was created by the designer as a costume for the lead role of the film „Maleficent", in a project with the Theatre Academy Munich and Disneyland Paris.

This design consists only of fine wooden veneer, a stable yet and malleable material, that let the dress beautifully show its association with the spine, as one of the most distinctive body parts.

The Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology presented this wooden artwork as „Smart Innovation - Design from Bavaria“ at the EXPO Milan in 2015, to show the public new ways for environmental protection and sustainability.

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