I am a so proud mother of two extraordinary human beings and daughter of two wonderful parents, who motivate me to stay on track and never let me surrender.


Having the privilege to be born and raised in a village from southern Romania, known as Vallachia, earth, fields and people, including my grandparents, surrounded, showed and taught me about the most simple and yet most meaningful facets of life. Those have joined me throughout my whole journey and gave me the right impulses to stand as the person who I am today, unconditionally believing in the power of love, education, benevolence, respect and care. It opened my senses towards nature, a wider world, tradition and culture all together.


As far as I can remember, I have always been strongly connected to nature, avid to learn and figure out, how my tools can be useful to the world. After being admitted for a study in medicine, I found myself discovering, how incredibly much passion for creation I actually gathered over the years. So I changed perspectives and ended up graduating two studies, one in the textile industry and another one in fashion design. Throughout the process, I have never stopped being an incurable dreamer. Life learned me that dreams do not come true by themselves, you may put wings on them and see where they take you. People should be able to pursue their passions. I dream of all the beauty in the world and make it come to life. To mirror my thoughts about stories of this world through my creations is not only what I do, but this is also who I am.


My whole artistic work is created to inspire minds and to give a sense of universal awareness and responsibility, believing that one day in the nearest future, the conscience of each of us will be touched and driven by reports and images immortalising children starving, ecosystem losing its natural balance or young people, who are forced nowadays by an irresponsible and waisting economic system to go on the street and ask for global change.

Representing the sensibility of tradition and culture that humanity inherited, treasuring a nature that is so powerful, generous and inspiring, I place my intuition and energy to push fashion design into new directions, presenting it not so much as strictly the functional clothing that we need every day from different reasons and not at all as a medium for the business of a damaging hyper consume. But far more as a storyteller, sustaining a healthy environment, filled with equality, deep connection, support and understanding.

This is the goal which I follow tenaciously.


Trust and believe in yourselves, find everywhere around you and inside of you, your infinite capacities, the beauty, kindness, inspiration, hope, wisdom and compassion, and consider them all in your own commitment for a better world!

- Octaviana Vlad 


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